ArtUSA was contacted in reference to a Sound Barrier Wall Project that would be on a roadway at a Georgia Power Project. GDOT and Georgia Power wanted a Sound Barrier Wall System that was effective, easy to install and aesthetically pleasing for the residential neighbors close to the project. With more demand then ever on energy, Georgia Power had to expand one of its plants in North Georgia to accommodate the endless need for today’s growing energy consumption. ArtUSA Noise Control Products offers several types of Sound Barrier Walls and after a site evaluation decided upon a Light Weight Composite Sound Wall System. With its strength and durability combined with architectural appeal it proved to be a winning combination for everyone. The Art-Composite Sound Barrier Wall System is designed in accordance with all Federal Highway Administration specification and qualifies  as a GREEN LEAD product. The materials are 90 percent recycled and have a lifespan that is measured in decades rather then years and has a standard 30 years manufactures warranty. The ArtUSA Noise Control Products Composite Sound Barrier Wall System was installed in November of 2010. Georgia Power is commended as being a good neighbor that goes the extra mile to ensure there is no environmental impact on the surrounding residential community. The ArtUSA Sound Barrier Wall is now being utilized on many Georgia Highway Sound Wall Projects and is accredited as the leader for a new Era in Sound Barrier Wall Technology.
For more information on this project or ArtUSA Noise Control Products please contact:
Tim White

National Sales and Marketing Director


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