ArtUSA Creates Calming Clouds With HARMONI Ceiling Tiles

ArtUSA Creates Calming Clouds With HARMONI Ceiling Tiles

ArtUSA Architectural Products has used HARMONI TM Ceiling Tiles, a contemporary ceiling tile that is available in two attractive patterns and is ideal for noisy areas.

HARMONI Ceiling Tiles are lightweight and easy to install. In addition, HARMONI has a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.90, meaning they are able to absorb 90 percent of the sound that reaches the tile for maximum sound absorption across a broad range of frequencies. The tiles are mold resistant, Class 1 fire-rated and coated in Hypalon® to optimize durability, prevent dirt and dust penetration making cleaning easy.

HARMONI Ceiling Tiles are available in white, black, almond or light gray in two styles: the Vista design has a smooth surface, and the Tartan features a softly sculpted pattern. The 2’x2′ tiles drop easily into standard 15/16″ ceiling grid systems and are ideal for open areas, including offices, classrooms, conference rooms, corridors, retail stores, home and movie theaters and listening rooms.

Oxford Academy in Smyrna GA has installed HARMONI Ceiling Tiles in their child care centers in North America. “HARMONI Ceiling Tiles complement the look and feel want in our centers — bright and soft. The cloud like texture of the tiles supports the shape-oriented architectural elements in our classrooms, designed to appeal to children’s fascination with shapes,” says Kelly Issac Holder of Oxford.

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