Flexible Noise Barriers


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ArtUSA barriers are flexible noise barriers designed to stop the passage of sound through walls, ceilings and floors. Barriers are available in a variety of styles to meet a multitude of applications. Barrier is ideals for all types of buildings from individual homes to multistory hotels providing STC ratings up to 31.

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54"W x 30'L, 54"W x 60'L, 2'x2', 2'x4', 2'x2'x1", 2'x4'x1", 30"W x 54"L x 1", 2'x2'x2", 2'x4'x2", 30"W x 54"L x 2", 54"W x 30'L x 1/8", 54"W x 20'L x 1/8", 54"W x 60'L x 1/8"


1 lb Non-reinforced Loaded Vinyl, 0.5 lb Non-reinforced Loaded Vinyl, 2 lb Non-reinforced Loaded Vinyl, 1 lb Reinforced Loaded Vinyl, 0.5 lb Reinforced Loaded Vinyl, Composite Barrier Ceiling Tile, 5/8" Thick, Composite Barrier Ceiling Tile, 5/8" Thick, ArtDrop Barrier Ceiling Tile, PROSPEC Non-reinforced Barrier 4, PROSPEC Non-reinforced Barrier 6, PROSPEC Non-reinforced Barrier 8, PROSPEC Reinforced Barrier 7, PROSPEC Reinforced Barrier 9