Frequently, a substation will use compressors and turbines to assist in the function of both distributing power and transforming high and low voltages. While these pieces of machinery are crucial to the operation, they are also extremely loud, and in these applications: typically quite large. When an energy company needs to mitigate the noise from four turbines seated right next to each other, they luckily can turn to ArtUSA for the solution. Noise levels ranging over 100 or 110 decibels is no problem thanks to our 4” thick enclosures that can have decibel reduction of over 35 dBa. Accommodating multiple large turbines is also no issue as well, being that we have experience in crafting enclosures that can as large as 50’L x 25’W x 20’H. Finally, with ArtUSA’s special options such as fire and gas detection/suppression, you can feel safe knowing that your critical application is in good hands.