We are noise pollution solution providers. By offering engineering, fabrication and installation of the absolute best noise reduction and noise control products available our company has set the bar in the soundproofing industry. Sound-proofing is our passion. We design, fabricate and install acoustical panels, acoustical insulation, sound barriers, acoustical wall panels, sound-barriers, noise barrier, sound enclosures, acoustic insulation, noise barriers, sound proofing and sound barriers. If you need a professional to conduct a workplace noise survey so you’ll know whether or not noise levels are high enough that OSHA requires your workers be provided with a hearing conservation program. You can call the experts at ArtUSA can determine your employees’ time-weighted noise exposure for an 8, 10, or 12-hour work shift with a noise dosimeter. This information provides the basis for selecting adequate hearing protectors for your workers and or engineering measures.


There are usually four types of noise surveys. A preliminary survey, a general survey (this is often part of our formal proposal) to assess noise levels in various areas of a plant, an exposure survey (although we do not perform these test we can usually recommend industrial hygienist) to determine employee noise exposures, and an engineering survey to assess the feasibility of engineering noise control.

The equipment used in a general noise survey should meet OSHA and ANSI specifications. In addition, a calibrator must be used to verify the accuracy of the sound level meter. As a minimum, the sound level meter should have ANSI Type II precision. In most cases we use Type I instruments which require an even higher degree of accuracy.

The instrument we use contain integration circuitry, which computes the energy average of the noise over a specified monitoring period. This average is called the equivalent level or Leq.

Many companies still use meters with a "moving needle" on a VU display to indicate the sound level. While such a meter is adequate for steady noise, when the noise fluctuates (which is more typical than not), the needle "bounces" making it difficult to read.

Meters that display the Leq provide an objective reading and correlate better with human response to noise than maximum, minimum, or "eyeball" average readings. A general noise survey can be used for variety of purposes. First, a preliminary survey can be performed as a screening to determine which areas of a plant should be examined more thoroughly. Secondly, an area survey can be used to assess noise levels in specific areas.

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