Acoustic consulting is taking all of the data you have on a particular noise control problem and designing a solution. ArtUSA will determine the best material to use, how much of it, and where the material needs to be installed. Consulting also involves understanding various noise regulations and OSHA standards. ArtUSA will not only design immediate solutions but also multiple step plans that can be spread out over months or even years depending on the budget and urgency of the project.

Acoustical tests are a part of most design projects, and ArtUSA can offer a variety of acoustical test as part of our consulting services. Some common types of acoustical tests are:

  • Noise level measurements at property lines to verify compliance with municipal or state noise ordinance requirements
  • Field STC and IIC tests in residences to verify compliance with building code (IBC and IRC) requirements
  • Field STC tests of installed doors of secure conference rooms
  • NIC tests of installed operable walls and permanent meeting room walls of hotels
  • Highway, railroad, and aircraft noise tests on residential and hotel sites to be developed
  • Reverberation time tests in churches, gymnasiums, auditoria, and studios
  • Mechanical system noise tests in completed commercial spaces
  • Field sound power level measurements
  • Outdoor noise wall insertion loss tests
  • Building commissioning

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