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ArtUSA Noise Control Products Inc.
We are noise pollution solution providers. By offering engineering, fabrication and installation of the absolute best noise reduction and noise control products available our company has set the bar in the soundproofing industry. Sound-proofing is our passion. We design, fabricate and install acoustical panels, acoustical insulation, sound barriers, acoustical wall panels, sound-barriers, noise barrier, sound enclosures, acoustic insulation, noise barriers, sound proofing and sound barriers.

Acoustical Wall Solutions


ArtUSA is proud to offer the ArtFiber Wall System Sound Barrier Wall. ArtFiber is a fiberglass reinforced plastic barrier manufactured through a high-quality pultrusion process. It is a superior light and noise barrier wall that meets all AASHTO and DOT guidelines. With an STC of 30, the ArtFiber wall will provide the needed sound reduction for congested traffic areas, retail areas and industrial applications around gas compressor stations, electric transformers, cooling towers, chillers, compressors and more. In addition, the Class 1 fire retardant FRP material is lightweight allowing for fast modular installation and the ability to use even challenging terrain. The ArtFiber wall spans up to 24 feet and requires no heavy equipment for installation or repairs, which will minimize disruption to traffic and damage to surrounding vegetation. The FRP material will not corrode, rust or rot, and it is graffiti, moisture and freeze thaw resistant meaning that once it is installed, the ArtFiber Wall mmaintains its aesthetic beauty for 50+ years of service life.

Art-Composite Vinyl Barrier Fence


There are three types of the Art-Composite Vinyl Sound Barrier Wall Systems. The Sound Absorbing Composite System designed and engineered for heavy traffic and high noise areas. The "STC 32-Heavy Wall" system meets or exceeds AASHTO guidelines in the key mass requirement, wind load sustaining (most heights and velocities) and decibel reduction criteria. The more economical "STC 25-Medium Wall" system, while lighter, still provides exceptional sound reduction performance. These Sound Barrier Wall systems are designed for today's demanding hyper-construction projects. All three Sound Barrier Wall Systems meet all AASHTO guidelines and is a light weight pre-engineered system for ground and structure mount.

All three pre-engineered systems are aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, remarkably rugged, graffiti resistant and virtually maintenance free.

Art-Composite Vinyl Sound Barrier Wall and Fence Systems Technical Information:

STC31-NRC1.0-Sound Absorbing Wall:

  • STC rating (Sound Transmission Loss) of 31. Minimum STC20 is required for a true Sound Barrier Wall.
  • NRC rating (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 1.0. Absorbs the unwanted noise and does not allow it to reflect back and become airborne.
  • Typical applications: structure mount Bridges, roof tops, ground mount for loading dock areas, chiller enclosures, transformers, co-gen power plants, sub-stations, environmental noise control, commercial noise control, industrial noise control.

STC32 - Heavy Wall Specific:

  • STC rating (Sound Transmission Loss) of 32 0 bettered only by much more onerous and costly concrete wall systems in known (previously tested) materials. STC20 is the minimum requirement for a true sound barrier designation.
  • "Live wind load" panel performance of 45 psf on 10' post centers. Exceeds requirements for 100 mph at 14' heights in most open terrain (Exposure C).
  • Surface density of 4.12 lbs/ft2 - exceeding the 4.00 lb/ft2 criteria - without any significant surplus mass (cost).
  • Typical applications: key arterial roads and highways, commercial developments, industrial sites.

STC25 - Medium Wall Specific:

  • STC25 rating - still exceeding mandated minimum but at reduced cost.
  • Surface density of 2.36 lbs/ft2.
  • Typical applications: some roadways, housing development perimeter fencing, schoolyards, business yard enclosures.

Benefits with Both Systems:

  • Highly durable. Will not corrode, erode, rust or rot. Material lifespan measured in multiple decades as opposed to years.
  • Near zero-maintenance. No aftercare (painting/staining) required. Rain will wash most accumulated (environmental) residue away. Excessive dirt can be power-washed away is desired. Graffiti can be removed with detergents or solvents.
  • Easy installs - no heavy equipment required with panel (rail) placement. Walls can also be easily configured to house "doorways" and portals for access to city services, such as hydrants.

Various colors and "patterns" are available for contrast or for a more aesthetically pleasing finished structure.

Acousti Art Crete Wall Systems


ArtCrete screen walls, perimeter fences, buffers and sound barriers, ArtUSA Noise Control Products Wall Systems provides total solutions for your specific sound barrier wall and decorative fencing requirements. ArtUSA is a multi-source company offering products from worldwide leaders in ornamental pre-cast concrete systems. ArtUSA offers a full line of products and services from site evaluation, initial design and engineering through installation and customer support.

Our ArtCrete Collection includes stone, brick and wood, pre-cast wall system and decorative fence systems. Having the ambience of wood, brick or stone, with deep texture on both sides, these modular pre-cast concrete walls and decorative fences satisfy a wide range of applications and tastes.

The ArtCrete Collection offers two different systems.

LW The light weight, pre-engineered modular wall system that uses interlocking panels and posts made of high performance glass fiber and steel reinforced pre-colored concrete panels and post.

HD The heavy duty, customized modular sound and sight wall system that is well suited for "Design-build" projects. This system is made of pre-stressed (5000 psi), reinforced concrete (ASTM A-185).

ArtCrete Fencing Systems

The ArtCrete Modular Pre-Cast Concrete Fencing system is a light weight, pre-engineered wall system that uses interlocking panels and posts made of high-performance fiber and steel reinforced pre-colored concrete. The ArtCrete decorative fence and sound wall systems are available in various patterns, Art-Stone, Art-Wood, Art-Brick, Art-Rail and Art-Royal Brick.

The ArtCrete panels are 1 foot tall and 5 feet long and can be stacked to the desired height. The ArtCrete wall system is further enhanced by a high-performance reinforced concrete mix, designed to yield optimum reliability and durability. In addition, the tongue and groove construction provides seamless beauty and the ability to withstand wind, soil, and thermal movements that occur in various geographical areas. The ArtCrete system is affordable and can be turn keyed in a price range slightly higher than that of wood, but less expensive over time in due to maintenance related to wood structures. For more information or pricing call ArtUSA Noise Control Products Inc., 1-770-246-7827 227.

ArtCrete ASTM A-185 Wall System

The ArtCrete A-185 system is a heavy duty, customized modular wall system that is well suited for "Design-build" projects. This system is made of pre-stressed (5000) psi reinforced concrete (ASTM A-185). All the connectors are hot dipped, galvanized steel. Custom colors and stains are available for factory or field application.

The ArtCrete system allows for both local and state by state code, load and erection forces. All calculations for structural properties are in accordance with ACI 318 specification and all engineering drawings and construction documents can be stamped in all 50 states. The ArtCrete innovative design of these systems, installation is easier and faster than other types of walls and fences yielding a reduced cost of install with fewer delays.

The ArtCrete A-185 system is also offered as a sound absorbing wall. The ArtCrete sound barrier wall is available in various patterns. ArtCrete Screen Walls and Sound Barriers Walls are form lined on both sides. For pricing or more information please call ArtUSA Noise Control Products Inc., 1-770-246-7827 227.


ArtFiber™ is a fiberglass reinforced plastic barrier manufactured through a high-quality pultrusion process. It is a superior light and noise barrier wall that meets all AASHTO and DOT guidelines.

ArtVinyl™ Barrier Fence System comes in two high STC rating, durable models designed to withstand harsh conditions while providing the maintenance free quality of Vinyl.

LSE Wall Systems have been used on many interstate highways, but also have industrial applications around gas compressor stations, electric transformers, cooling towers, chillers, compressors and more.

ArtSeal™ Sound Blanket Walls + Enclosures offer an effective, economical method of sound reduction in a wide variety of industrial, architectural, highway, community, and OEM sound control applications.

ArtSeal™ Sound Barrier is a sound transmission blocker that reduces sound from transmitting through walls, floors and ceilings. Used in both commercial and residential settings.


Please call us at 1-770-246-7827 with questions on our sound barrier wall systems.


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