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 Sound Enclosures are a highly effective means of reducing the noise emanating from industrial or mechanical equipment. Also known as noise control enclosures, acoustic enclosures, sound booths, steel enclosures, or machine and equipment enclosures these self supporting noise barriers enclose noisy equipment without limiting access or impeding machine function. We offer options such as acoustic rated doors and windows, fully removable wall and roof panels, passive or forced air ventilation packages, electrical and lighting, and turnkey installations. Common equipment applications include compressors, generators, blowers, hydraulic pumps, industrial fans, vibratory bowl feeders, routers, print presses, plastic grinders, and many other noise offenders. Let us design an enclosure to meet your noise reduction goals. ArtUSA Noise Control Products, Inc. Noise Control Barrier Walls are engineered, modular sound panels designed for high sound transmission loss of outdoor noise. Typical customers have chillers, substations, fans, blowers, compressors, air conditioners and other outdoor mechanical equipment cause disturbing noise at its neighbor’s property line. Our engineered sound panels are specifically designed and constructed with environmentally durable composite construction that absorbs sound energy and shields offensive noises. Steel Sound Enclosures for Presses, Grinders, Milling, Blowers and other in-plant machinery and processes may require an Acoustic Steel Sound Enclosure. Our modular steel panels offer large sound reduction while providing for ventilation, maintenance accessibility, lighting and other production requirements.

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