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Band & Choir

Noise Control and Sound Proofing for Choir And Band Rooms Noise Control and Sound Proofing for Choir And Band Rooms
Noise Control and Sound Proofing for Choir And Band Rooms Round Silencers

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ArtUSA Band and Choir Rooms

Sound absorption in Band and Choir rooms is very important. These soft, porous products tend to absorb reverberation off hard surfaces thus increasing music/voice intelligibility and quality. These products have an NRC number that helps in determining how much sound absorption you will achieve with a certain product.

Sound Blockers are products with some mass that stop sound/vibration transfer from one area to another. These acoustical Sound Barrier/Blockers carry an STC number that helps in determining what the expected decibel reduction should be from one area to another when using that product.Diffusion in band choir areas help achieve a smooth sound in the room by scattering the sound waves. Reflectors help deflect sound to eliminate dead spots.

Proper band and chorus room design should take into consideration not only what the room will sound like, but also how the music in that room will affect the adjoining rooms. Typically these large rooms have hard reflective walls and floors such as concrete block and tile floors and there is a need for sound absorption. Adding acoustical products such as ceiling tiles, acoustical foams or fabric wrapped wall panels will reduce ambient noise levels within the band or chorus rooms themselves. Sound diffusers and bass traps are also commonly used within band and chorus room design to acoustically tune the room. Finally, sound blocking materials can be incorporated into the design for the walls and ceiling of the room, so that the band and chorus rooms do not disturb adjoining classrooms. These acoustical materials should be planned into the design of the band and chorus rooms, however they can be added as a retrofit application as the need for noise reduction within the facility is addressed. These acoustical treatments are not only effective, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Good Products for Band and Choir Rooms are:

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